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Discovering Your Automotive Passion

Are you good at using your hands? Do you love solving problems and enjoy the tangible satisfaction of seeing a job completed right before your eyes? And most important of all, do you have a passion for automobiles? If you answered yes to these questions, a career in the automotive industry may be for you. Working with cars is not for everybody, but if you really love cars and enjoy fixing things, it is truly a career that feels more like a hobby than a job.

Auto Technician Training in the 21st Century:

Automotive technology has advanced incredibly in the last several years, and the career of an auto technician is technical, mentally challenging, physical demanding, and highly rewarding. This increased technicality means increased earning power and opportunities for specialization. Beyond your initial auto technician training, it also requires the ability to keep current with new automotive technologies in the field. Staying caught up with advancing automotive technology through ongoing auto mechanic courses can increase your earning power and put you in high demand with employers like car dealerships, private repair shops, and even allow you to go into business for yourself as you establish yourself as an expert in the automotive field.

How To Pursue Your Passion with a Career in the Automotive Industry:

To get your foot in the door, it will take more than just mechanical aptitude and a love of cars. These days the complexity of automobiles requires hours of training to be proficient at diagnosing and fixing the myriad problems that cars can have. There are lots of opportunities in the automotive field for beginners, those wishing to advance, and even those who have little mechanical aptitude.

Beginners can find places in the automotive industry with lube and tire shops, and as brake and alignment specialists. This will help you know if working in a shop is a good fit for you.

When you want to climb the ladder, auto mechanic courses can get you the certifications you need to increase your earning potential and find yourself in demand. There are all kinds of specialties such as engine specialists, transmission specialists, front end technicians, and much more. Auto Technician Training is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding a niche in the automotive industry.

If you love cars but lack mechanical aptitude, you still have the option of going into transportation dispatch. This puts you at the heart of the industry that keeps people and goods moving, and allows you to work in a fast-paced and communication-heavy industry that relies on cars and trucks to keep things going.

Auto technician training gives you the power to do what you truly love if cars are your passion and you want a career that feels like a hobby. Looking into auto mechanic courses can allow you to follow your dreams and embark on a rewarding career that offers the satisfaction of seeing a job well done pay off every day.

Eccentric Cars Off The Roads

Want the oddballs in the automotive world? Well, brace yourself for the most eccentric cars off the roads. They are exotic. They are intriguing. But they are not for everybody to have and hold.

In todays auto shows, manufacturers are shelling out a fortune to be part of the specialty market players that introduce the most eccentric cars. The recognition, regardless of the fact that the cars will not be allowed on the roads, is enough to make the automakers elated.

One of the exotic cars ever launched is the Artega, which was penned by Henrik Fisker, famed for being an extraordinary designer. The car is a fresh contribution from a new German automaker that plans to enter in the manufacture of high-performance sports cars for daily use. The 2008 Artega features a 3.6-liter Volkswagen-sourced V6 mated to the DSG twin-clutch gearbox of the company to produce maximum output of 300 horsepower via the rear wheels.

Another odd car is dubbed Carver One, which is said to be the the worlds first commercially available self-balancing, tilting, three-wheeled vehicle. Carver One is part motorcycle, part car; it is all about thrills over practicality. The contraption features a removable roof panel, 660-cubic-centimeter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, producing 68 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque.

Gumpert Apollo Sport is another eccentric car to behold. Apollo Sport is given the high-performing mid-engine supercar powered by a 4.2-liter Audi V8 engine. It also features a fixed rear wing, rugged body, and gullwing doors that flip up on their roof-mounted hinges. It resembles the looks of a race car straight out of the FIA GT European supercar series.

Make way for the Rinspeed eXasis, a drivable glass car that features an aluminum frame with a clear plastic body and floor. The car is powered by a 150-hp two-cylinder engine, which sits on the transmission. To note, the cars power-to-weight ratio puts it in line with the likes of a Porsche.

The Spanish automaker A. D. Tramontana has set forth a carbon-fiber road missile as a melding of Formula One cars and fighter planes. The company said the Tramontana was modeled on the streamlined curves of the Costa Bravas winds. The car is given a twin-turbo V12 engine that generates 720 horsepower, about as powerful as a race car. The full production version of the car will go on sale this summer in Europe.

Peraves Monotracer, another strange looking car that boasts futuristic monocoque body is composed of glass, Kevlar and carbon-weave bonded together and reinforced with aluminum roll bars. The car is powered by an inline four-cylinder engine that produces 130 horsepower. The car is driven by using handlebars comparable to a motorcycle.

These cars are pretty exotic and complex. As a fact, a Volvo repair manual would appear simple if theirs are placed beside it. Automotive fanatics love these cars nonetheless.

How Japanese Engines Have Altered The Modern Automotive Trends Arena

Japanese engines form one of the most reliable forms of mechanized locomotion in this age. They span back to their advent in world war two Japan but picked up mainly during the war and after the war. These machines are either made by hand or using a controlled assembly line. Due to the high level of experience, these machines are regarded as one of the best worldwide.

Apparatus originating from Japan mostly use the electronic fuel injection. This refers to a technology that sprays very thin droplets of fuel into the combustion chamber. It is this technology that makes the use of fuel by these machines very effective and economical. It is wide gap between Japan cars and guzzlers from the US.

These automotive parts are either petrol based or diesel based. Diesel ones, usually are very efficient and economical in running huge plants and vehicles. Petrol on the other end may not be cheap but they are easy to run and maintain. This is a generic characteristic of any engine no matter the manufacturer.

For those seeking to buy, it would be vital to understand the dynamics of markets. Terms used to describe these variations may be confusing so it is good to be clear. Refurbished means an engine that looks like a new one but is essentially old but fine tuned as new. New and refurbished parts may be hard to distinguish especially for non experienced buyers. Additionally, it is vital to note that old ones advertised as used may just be better than some refurbished ones.

There are many benefits of using these products. The most obvious is their cheapness. It becomes easier for Japanese to produce many appliances at very low prices that it is for some other manufacturers to do the same. In Japan, every operation is mechanized and this is the reason for the lower costs. There are also many benefits of economies of scale reaped from mass production and sharing of overheads. These are very reliable in the powering of vehicles and plants.

To add to those benefits, it is good to know that support at Japanese factories and distribution centers are very helpful. These engines also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to suit the needs of a business with the supplies. The major brands of such are generic and applicable to a thin spread of possible users. Sizes can vary according to the customer requirements.

However, disappointments still happen. The cars using these engines sometimes malfunction. This is a common phenomenon for engines built by assembly lines. Lack of a human touch in the inspection of critical parts of the process at times allows grave mistakes to pass unnoticed. This is the low point of these brands. It gets interesting when one delves into the details of how much they spend on research to solve such problems. Interesting too, Japanese are notorious in recalling flawed cars, a good indication of their commitment.

Japanese engines are however the best there is in the world. They hold a delicate combination of reliability and cheapness. It is one of the revolutionary products in the automotive industry in the world. Cars using these give the owners piece of mind throughout their life.

Jaguar Facts And Some Automotive History

Jaguar has been a leader in the car industry since the early 1920s, and it has been making fantastic vehicles and impressing its customers since then. Jaguar is particularly well known for making sophisticated cars that are stylish and innovative.. We will take a look at some Jaguar facts and see some history behind this great automotive brand that makes it what it is today.

1. William Lyons started the Jaguar company with the goal of making luxurious cars at an affordable cost. When he first displayed his car to the general public, he invited everyone to guess how much the car cost. With a vehicle that looked truly dazzling and yet comfortable, most people thought it would be quite expensive. In reality, it cost almost half of what most people had guessed.

2. In 1938, Lyons was preparing a brand new car for the market, the SS100 coupe, and it was displayed to great reviews at the British Motor show that year. However, when Britain entered WWII the next year, plans for production had to be stopped, and that car was the only SS100 ever made.

3. Jaguars have been used on public roads and in races, finding great success in both areas. In the 1953 Heures du Mans, a car race built to test endurance, Jaguar cars were everywhere in the top spots, taking 1st, 2nd, and 4th place. The company dedicated its victory to Queen Elizabeth II, who congratulated them on a job well done.

4. Besides being an actor, Steve McQueen was also a race car driver. He owned a 16 XKSS model, and had it for over a decade. He sold it, but changed his mind soon after and bought it back. He had the car until his death.

5. Jaguar manufactured an iconic car between 1961 and 1975, called the E-type. The Daily Telegraph listed it as one of the most beautiful cars ever in 2002. Enzo Ferrari, a man who knows a little about cars, remarked it might be the best looking vehicle he had ever seen as soon as he saw it. Now that you are familiar with some Jaguar facts, you know some of the great cars this company has made, and why even famous people are in love with this comfortable and luxurious brand. Jaguar is a fantastic company, and they will be making quality vehicles for a long time to come.

Latching vs Momentary How Push Button Switches Impact Safety

The wrong switch in right place can make all the difference in the world. This is especially true when it comes to push button switches in the automotive industry where the difference between latching and momentary switches can have a significant impact on resource consumption, safety, and overall performance. The operation of the momentary push button switch is significantly better than a latching. >
To begin this literary demonstration you need to picture three things; your vehicle, a push button switch, and your exhaust system converted into a flamethrower ready to fire at the touch of a button. Specifically a push button at which point it will shoot up to 20 feet of fire out the back of your vehicle, but now what? You have a big ass ball of fire flaming out your tail pipe and your finger is stuck on the button. This is the point where your choice of push button will tell the tale of what happens next. If you bought a latching the vehicle would keep spitting fire out the back until you either push the button again, turn off your vehicle, or wait for your vehicle to completely run out of fuel which could be quite expensive. On the other hand if you have a momentary push button the flamethrower would stop instantly upon release and start firing again instantly the next time you push it.

The scenario above demonstrates that a momentary push button switch will always give you greater control over a process designed to be short and sweet. Long term processes such as starting an engine for a long trip are obviously better candidates for a latching button unless you like driving thru rush hour traffic with one hand on the wheel and the other on your switch. If you have any questions about the benefits of momentary switches feel free to visit the experts at who are happy to talk to you live online or over the phone.

Nanotechnology For Automotive Lubricant Systems

How and why tungsten nanospheres work:
To start, nano particles (spheres) are hard to imagine. So small, that they can interact with engine lubricant and other matter on a molecular level.
This interaction allows them to become one with both the metal surfaces and the lubricant they are exposed to, enhancing engine efficiency, power and gas mileage.

The tungsten component is chemically inert, stable and unaffected by temperatures encountered in application as a lubricant. Tungsten nanospheres will not alter the carrier, exposure to them alters the way the metal of the friction surfaces interact with the lubricant .

Once the metals are exposed to the tungsten component in the carrier fluid, metal to metal friction is dramatically reduced, if not eliminated.
This increases engine efficiency and gas mileage.
The end result is a dramatic reduction in wear, the friction that causes wear, heat, and power losses. This will also increase gas mileage.

Primitive man discovered that rubbing dead animal fat on things made them work better. Ever since, man has quested for better means of lubricating the things he (or she) has created.
Lubrication has progressed from animal and vegetable based oils and greases, to highly refined mineral bases, silicone and synthetics. Graphite and Molybdenum have been used as additives in varying degrees in the past.
Tungsten nanospheres are an exciting development in lubrication for the 21st century.

Benefits:Lower friction, improved lubricity, lower energy costs.
Measurably better gas mileage , reduce wear, increase engine efficiency and
increased horsepower. Lower operating temperatures (as less energy is converted into heat). Increase in Oil / lubricant life and longer changeovers.
High Load bearing property means Reduction in wear of mating parts.
Offers increased corrosion resistance. Nanoparticles cannot clog oil or fuel filters as .5 micron particles easily pass through filter.

Characteristics :Nanoparticles are defined as any particle with a size less then 100 nanometer (0.1 micronmeter). When materials are made into nanoparticles, their reactivity increases. Nanoparticles have a very high surface area to volume ratio, due to this, a higher percentage of atoms (in nanoparticles) can interact with other matter. Therefore, the surface area (measured in square meters per gram) is the most important unit of measure for nanoparticles.The higher the surface area,the higher the lubricity.

Tungsten nanoparticles as applied to engine lubrication:Tungsten nanoparticles are one of the most expensive and highly developed lubricant additives available today.
Nanotechnology, as applied to lubricant additives, suspends the tungsten spheres in the circulating lubricant. This allows the tungsten component to be applied to all metal bearing surfaces, as well as cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings. An important characteristic of nanoparticles, is that they bond to the metal friction surfaces. Essentially plating them, preventing metal to metal contact. Tungsten is one of the most wear resistant substances known to man. Tungsten nanoparticles are temperature resistant far beyond what is encountered in any automotive application.

Incorporation of tungsten nanoparticles into a lubricant only increases its performance as a lubricant.

Road Trip Preparation Prevent Unexpected Automotive Repair

If you are preparing for a day-trip or an extended vacation to unwind, having a “pre-trip” automotive service will ease your mind and possibly prevent an unexpected automotive repair that leaves you stranded out in the cold. Here is a simple check list to include in an automotive service to get you off to a great start:

* Vehicle Loading & Tire Inspection

Virtually all late model motor vehicles are equipped with a sticker located on the driver’s door or pillar. That sticker determines maximum vehicle capacity, which means the weight of the vehicle along with the combined weight of passengers and cargo. Don’t exceed the recommended load capacity. On the same sticker is also a tire pressure chart. Be sure to check all tires and make certain they are inflated properly. Tire tread depth should also be inspected. If tires are worn to a point where less than 2/32-inch of the tread remains, or if the cord or fabric is showing, it’s time to replace the tires.
* Lights & Horn

Inspect all exterior and interior light/lamp functions. If any bulbs are burned out, and if you are uncomfortable with replacing it yourself, take your vehicle to your automotive service center and have it taken care of. You will want to make sure the horn works properly.
* Windshield Wipers

Test the wiper operation of your vehicle. You will also want to check the wear of the wiper blades. If they are streaking, or squeaking, they probably need to be changed to make sure you have clear visibility in the elements.
* Parking Brake

Test the parking brake with the engine running, transmission in drive and your foot on the brake. With the parking brake engaged slowly release the foot brake. If your vehicle moves forward, then the parking brake is not adequate. To ensure your safety, don’t forget to have it checked as part of the automotive service.
* Spare Tire

Spare tires can lose pressure over time. It’s a good idea to not only check the pressure of the spare, you should also insure it isn’t damaged, as well as checking the tread wear and overall condition.
* Car Jack & Tools

Check the truck to make sure you have the appropriate tools and car jack (and that they are in good working order) for changing flats, etc.

If you have completed the above check-list and had a complete automotive service, make sure you have taken care of any deficient or broken items. Although you can never guarantee that something unforeseen may happen, you will at least be prepared for the unexpected.

Saving Money on Auto Repairs

If you are having problems with your vehicle you can take it to a mechanic or you can try to solve the problem yourself. Many mechanics charge high sums of money for their services, but there are several auto repairs you can perform yourself to save money.

One of the easiest auto repairs you can do yourself is changing the oil and replacing the filter. This needs to be done every three thousand to five thousand miles. This is a maintenance issue, but it will help you avoid the more costly repairs that will be necessary if you do not change it regularly. The hardest part may be finding a place to dispose of the old oil and filter as most cities have regulations on how they can be disposed of.
A more challenging do-it-yourself auto repair project is replacing the brakes and pads. Not having good brakes can result in expensive repairs to other parts of the vehicle later as well as the danger of not being able to stop fast enough, resulting in an accident where someone could get hurt. Changing them when you first notice a problem will help your vehicle run better, longer.

You can also perform your own tune-up fairly simply. This involves removing the spark plugs and replacing them with new ones. If too much time goes by, carbon builds up on the spark plugs in the engine, resulting in spark plugs breaking. A good indication of this problem is your vehicle misfiring when you accelerate or not speeding up as fast as it should.

Another fairly simple repair you can perform on your vehicle is replacing your windshield. All you need is a windshield repair kit that you can purchase from your local auto body shop. The best windows to repair are those where the crack is very small and the adhesive can fit into the chip. It is not recommended that you perform this repair in the hot sun, as the adhesive does not work as well under those conditions.

Finally, if you have steering problems, you can use a turkey baster to suck the old fluid out of the system, instead of paying upwards of a hundred dollars at your mechanic. This trick should remove roughly ninety percent of the old fluid. After this add the new fluid and start the vehicle. This will get the new fluid moving through the system, resulting in a better driving vehicle.

Auto repairs do not need to be expensive if you know what you are doing. Your pocket book will thank you and you can save money both in the short and long run.

Some Easy Way Of Automotive Fault Diagnosis

The first is to diagnose the question is asked with hope, a doctor needs to “look to smell it,” Fault diagnosis is the same car, which look and ask a quick effective way to diagnose car trouble. Detection technologies can be used in launch x431, lexia3, mb star. Vehicle breakdowns need to diagnose, repair personnel first saw a car, it should make auto forms and useful life of the initial judgments, can learn from their appearance in the form of vehicles, it is very important; from the appearance or turn driving exposure to the engine room, you can make a useful life of the judge, experienced maintenance personnel, and even sudden car breakdown can make judgments. A car in need of repair, maintenance staff must be accountable to users and owners to ask, including the car models, service life, repairs, usage, location and the phenomenon of failure, and failure to do what after the inspection and repair, although possible understanding of failure, which is a shortcut. By understanding the forms, can reflect the basic structure and performance of the car, if the form and structure of the understanding of the automotive repair experience, it would be easier diagnosis; If understanding is not enough, check out books and materials, it is able to grasp.

Through in-depth inquiry, basically you can understand parts of fault occurred. For example, you can ask to fault in the engine or transmission; if the engine is still better understanding of electrical failure or mechanical failure; also understand that if mechanical failure is the connecting rod or valve train, etc., to make further diagnosis much easier. Failure is confirmed, exclusion and maintenance becomes easy. If the user talk to overhaul the car should be asked Kiyonaga engine powertrain, revised chassis, cab and auto body repair, auto electrical and automotive air conditioning repair, etc.What is the maintenance of key parts and assemblies, in order to set a maintenance program.

The second method is to use experience of fault diagnosis, by definition, experience, Diagnosis of failure is the driver and maintenance personnel with the basic quality and experience, quickly and accurately make a diagnosis of vehicle faults. The so-called basic quality, whether the driver or vehicle maintenance personnel, are required to book-learning, and in educational practices, to gain basic knowledge and maintenance of automotive experience, it is very important. Automotive Technology is a comprehensive reflection of national economic development, automotive technology advances, more and more new technology, therefore, do not work hard to book-learning, not try to practice learning is impossible.launch x431 is a very good detection. For example, the car’s diesel engine unit pump fuel supply and engine speed control technology, and foreign new technology, requires knowledge on the basis of the original to the book-learning, to study materials, practice and then to carry out maintenance work. Only under the guidance of practice, practice is the right to sum up in practice and gain experience.

The so-called maintenance experience is essential, with experience in vehicle maintenance, re-encountering the same failure and similar failures can be resolved overnight. Experience, personal experience, after a summary and experience; there are other ways from the books and learn from the experience. Only combine the two in order to accumulate experience, more smoothly failure to judge the car. Such as diesel engine broke down, to cab flip, flip agency stuck a moment, the cab would not turn up, there is experience pushed a prize whenever one another, immediately turn the cab; such as during engine Speed fault, seeing the engine speed up rapidly, increasing noise, lack of experience does not make diesel engine flameout how dynamic, experienced person as long as the fuel tank slightly change the fuel valve turn 45 , engine stalling immediately to avoid a serious fault. This is not hard to see the result of accumulated experience. So to sum up experience and the experience to become a powerful weapon for vehicle maintenance, continue to use new knowledge and new experiences to arm themselves with the experience to solve the various cars and even a very complex problem treatment.

The third observation is diagnostic failure, the so-called observation is the car mechanic car users in accordance with the location of fault that careful observation of failure phenomena, and then make judgments on the fault, which is a most basic application is the most effective fault diagnosis. We often use lexia3. Such as hair dryer exhaust pipe to take the blue smoke of failure, you can take the phenomenon of blue smoke to determine if the process of long-term risk in the use of blue smoke, engine mileage and very long, enerally judged as cylinder or piston ring wear, result with the gap is too large, since the session of the oil through the oil piston rings and cylinder wall, fleeing into the space between the combustion chamber caused; if it is only when the engine emitting just launched an Lanyan a later they gradually take Lanyan become more modest, generally judged as the engine valve cover oil baffle rod bore wear and tear of aging or to disable the oil block, and a small amount of oil leakage along the valve rod into the cylinder caused. Experienced can accurately judge the inexperience of those who should be seen. In the process of observation, but also with the experience and theory to make careful thought and deduction, can not simply rush, can not be fooled by appearances. Some of those who experienced the phenomenon of the sudden can not see clearly, then we must read it several times, careful observation, to surface to see through the fault phenomena.

Diagnosis of hearing is the fourth failure, with the car and engine fault diagnosis of hearing is common and easy way. When the car is running, the engine in different operating conditions, vehicle and engine of this whole issue of a noisy but is a regular voice. When a failure of a part of abnormal noise occurs, there can experience abnormal noise issued immediately determine vehicle faults.Do not overlook launch x431, lexia3, mb star.For example, sound engine crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism, the main clutch ring, shaft ring, can be easily judged. For a good driver should be driving in the training of hearing, hear what the sound of motor vehicle parts, and from which to judge the abnormal noise and failure. Auto repair and engine failure, the vehicle maintenance staff often start the engine stop state, so the engine running at different speeds to hearing screening and diagnosis of engine failure; for the chassis and the clutch failure, often to road test the way to vehicles driving in different conditions, inspection and auscultation vehicle breakdown; difficult for the engine failure, but also the help of a stethoscope and a simple apparatus for auscultation, such as auscultation can be a long rod crank and linkage rod auscultation sound, you can hear the sound of Valve; used a rubber tube inserted into the volume of the oil-foot hole in the bottom of the oil pan above the oil surface can hear what the sound of the crankshaft, piston ring counterparts can hear the sound of gas channeling Department.

Check the parking brake state can step foot in the engine stalling when brake pedal, brake locking clear voice can be heard; lift the brake pedal brake shoe can hear the voices of recovery in situ. So well-trained drivers in traffic using the foot brake, in addition to the response under the car slow down, but also you can hear the voice of brake work, so the evaluation can be integrated brakes are working correctly. mb staris also a good detection method. Therefore, the automobile and engine noise as long as there is running, there should be a good first hearing, in the car at any time during the operation of vehicle and engine departments monitor the sound, with the speed of change in different parts of the noise, to hear what the normal sound, in the normal voice judged abnormal noise, abnormal noise in the judgments in the fault, of course, do have theoretical and empirical guidance.

Starting A Business Within The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry offers an opportunity for many individuals to get involved with a business of their own. The type of business that you choose is going to depend upon a number of different factors, including what may be available in the area and the type of skills that you currently have. It may also be possible for you to have a franchise and to go to a school that will teach you the skills that you do not yet know. Here are some of the different options that are available to individuals who want to start a business and work within the automotive industry.

One option that you have available is to detail cars before they are put on the car lot. At times, this is something that is going to be hired out to an individual that actually works for the car lot, but at other times, it will be hired out to a third party. In order for you to start a car detailing business, you’re going to need the proper equipment and a means to get that equipment to the location. It is always a good idea for you to be set up in such a way that you will be productive and will be able to get more done during the day.

Mobile painting is also a business that you should consider, if you enjoy working on automobiles and like seeing the end result. Of course, the type of equipment that you are going to use in the field is going to differ from the type that may be used in a factory. For example, they may use nanofiltration technology or an anolyte system to deposit the paint on the car for a professional finish. When you are working in the field, you’re going to need to become proficient at getting the paint and clearcoat on the automobile and giving a professional look. Considering the fact that you are going to be working outside in the elements adds another layer to this type of business. Even though it may have problems that are associated with it, it can be quite rewarding.

There are also many smaller businesses that are available for individuals that would like to work in the automotive industry. Some people make a business by clearing headlights that have become foggy or perhaps by fixing car interiors. As long as you have the skills that are necessary to complete the task, you typically have the opportunity to start a business that is going to be profitable. You should keep in mind, however, there may be very little call for the skill that you have chosen so it is always a better idea for you to offer multiple options to the car lot so that you will be more valuable to them.

The automotive industry has provided jobs for many individuals, both directly and through a third-party enterprise. With the right tools, the right skills and a little bit of ingenuity, you can start a business of your own and work within this exciting industry as well.