Jaguar Facts And Some Automotive History

Jaguar has been a leader in the car industry since the early 1920s, and it has been making fantastic vehicles and impressing its customers since then. Jaguar is particularly well known for making sophisticated cars that are stylish and innovative.. We will take a look at some Jaguar facts and see some history behind this great automotive brand that makes it what it is today.

1. William Lyons started the Jaguar company with the goal of making luxurious cars at an affordable cost. When he first displayed his car to the general public, he invited everyone to guess how much the car cost. With a vehicle that looked truly dazzling and yet comfortable, most people thought it would be quite expensive. In reality, it cost almost half of what most people had guessed.

2. In 1938, Lyons was preparing a brand new car for the market, the SS100 coupe, and it was displayed to great reviews at the British Motor show that year. However, when Britain entered WWII the next year, plans for production had to be stopped, and that car was the only SS100 ever made.

3. Jaguars have been used on public roads and in races, finding great success in both areas. In the 1953 Heures du Mans, a car race built to test endurance, Jaguar cars were everywhere in the top spots, taking 1st, 2nd, and 4th place. The company dedicated its victory to Queen Elizabeth II, who congratulated them on a job well done.

4. Besides being an actor, Steve McQueen was also a race car driver. He owned a 16 XKSS model, and had it for over a decade. He sold it, but changed his mind soon after and bought it back. He had the car until his death.

5. Jaguar manufactured an iconic car between 1961 and 1975, called the E-type. The Daily Telegraph listed it as one of the most beautiful cars ever in 2002. Enzo Ferrari, a man who knows a little about cars, remarked it might be the best looking vehicle he had ever seen as soon as he saw it. Now that you are familiar with some Jaguar facts, you know some of the great cars this company has made, and why even famous people are in love with this comfortable and luxurious brand. Jaguar is a fantastic company, and they will be making quality vehicles for a long time to come.