Some Easy Way Of Automotive Fault Diagnosis

The first is to diagnose the question is asked with hope, a doctor needs to “look to smell it,” Fault diagnosis is the same car, which look and ask a quick effective way to diagnose car trouble. Detection technologies can be used in launch x431, lexia3, mb star. Vehicle breakdowns need to diagnose, repair personnel first saw a car, it should make auto forms and useful life of the initial judgments, can learn from their appearance in the form of vehicles, it is very important; from the appearance or turn driving exposure to the engine room, you can make a useful life of the judge, experienced maintenance personnel, and even sudden car breakdown can make judgments. A car in need of repair, maintenance staff must be accountable to users and owners to ask, including the car models, service life, repairs, usage, location and the phenomenon of failure, and failure to do what after the inspection and repair, although possible understanding of failure, which is a shortcut. By understanding the forms, can reflect the basic structure and performance of the car, if the form and structure of the understanding of the automotive repair experience, it would be easier diagnosis; If understanding is not enough, check out books and materials, it is able to grasp.

Through in-depth inquiry, basically you can understand parts of fault occurred. For example, you can ask to fault in the engine or transmission; if the engine is still better understanding of electrical failure or mechanical failure; also understand that if mechanical failure is the connecting rod or valve train, etc., to make further diagnosis much easier. Failure is confirmed, exclusion and maintenance becomes easy. If the user talk to overhaul the car should be asked Kiyonaga engine powertrain, revised chassis, cab and auto body repair, auto electrical and automotive air conditioning repair, etc.What is the maintenance of key parts and assemblies, in order to set a maintenance program.

The second method is to use experience of fault diagnosis, by definition, experience, Diagnosis of failure is the driver and maintenance personnel with the basic quality and experience, quickly and accurately make a diagnosis of vehicle faults. The so-called basic quality, whether the driver or vehicle maintenance personnel, are required to book-learning, and in educational practices, to gain basic knowledge and maintenance of automotive experience, it is very important. Automotive Technology is a comprehensive reflection of national economic development, automotive technology advances, more and more new technology, therefore, do not work hard to book-learning, not try to practice learning is impossible.launch x431 is a very good detection. For example, the car’s diesel engine unit pump fuel supply and engine speed control technology, and foreign new technology, requires knowledge on the basis of the original to the book-learning, to study materials, practice and then to carry out maintenance work. Only under the guidance of practice, practice is the right to sum up in practice and gain experience.

The so-called maintenance experience is essential, with experience in vehicle maintenance, re-encountering the same failure and similar failures can be resolved overnight. Experience, personal experience, after a summary and experience; there are other ways from the books and learn from the experience. Only combine the two in order to accumulate experience, more smoothly failure to judge the car. Such as diesel engine broke down, to cab flip, flip agency stuck a moment, the cab would not turn up, there is experience pushed a prize whenever one another, immediately turn the cab; such as during engine Speed fault, seeing the engine speed up rapidly, increasing noise, lack of experience does not make diesel engine flameout how dynamic, experienced person as long as the fuel tank slightly change the fuel valve turn 45 , engine stalling immediately to avoid a serious fault. This is not hard to see the result of accumulated experience. So to sum up experience and the experience to become a powerful weapon for vehicle maintenance, continue to use new knowledge and new experiences to arm themselves with the experience to solve the various cars and even a very complex problem treatment.

The third observation is diagnostic failure, the so-called observation is the car mechanic car users in accordance with the location of fault that careful observation of failure phenomena, and then make judgments on the fault, which is a most basic application is the most effective fault diagnosis. We often use lexia3. Such as hair dryer exhaust pipe to take the blue smoke of failure, you can take the phenomenon of blue smoke to determine if the process of long-term risk in the use of blue smoke, engine mileage and very long, enerally judged as cylinder or piston ring wear, result with the gap is too large, since the session of the oil through the oil piston rings and cylinder wall, fleeing into the space between the combustion chamber caused; if it is only when the engine emitting just launched an Lanyan a later they gradually take Lanyan become more modest, generally judged as the engine valve cover oil baffle rod bore wear and tear of aging or to disable the oil block, and a small amount of oil leakage along the valve rod into the cylinder caused. Experienced can accurately judge the inexperience of those who should be seen. In the process of observation, but also with the experience and theory to make careful thought and deduction, can not simply rush, can not be fooled by appearances. Some of those who experienced the phenomenon of the sudden can not see clearly, then we must read it several times, careful observation, to surface to see through the fault phenomena.

Diagnosis of hearing is the fourth failure, with the car and engine fault diagnosis of hearing is common and easy way. When the car is running, the engine in different operating conditions, vehicle and engine of this whole issue of a noisy but is a regular voice. When a failure of a part of abnormal noise occurs, there can experience abnormal noise issued immediately determine vehicle faults.Do not overlook launch x431, lexia3, mb star.For example, sound engine crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism, the main clutch ring, shaft ring, can be easily judged. For a good driver should be driving in the training of hearing, hear what the sound of motor vehicle parts, and from which to judge the abnormal noise and failure. Auto repair and engine failure, the vehicle maintenance staff often start the engine stop state, so the engine running at different speeds to hearing screening and diagnosis of engine failure; for the chassis and the clutch failure, often to road test the way to vehicles driving in different conditions, inspection and auscultation vehicle breakdown; difficult for the engine failure, but also the help of a stethoscope and a simple apparatus for auscultation, such as auscultation can be a long rod crank and linkage rod auscultation sound, you can hear the sound of Valve; used a rubber tube inserted into the volume of the oil-foot hole in the bottom of the oil pan above the oil surface can hear what the sound of the crankshaft, piston ring counterparts can hear the sound of gas channeling Department.

Check the parking brake state can step foot in the engine stalling when brake pedal, brake locking clear voice can be heard; lift the brake pedal brake shoe can hear the voices of recovery in situ. So well-trained drivers in traffic using the foot brake, in addition to the response under the car slow down, but also you can hear the voice of brake work, so the evaluation can be integrated brakes are working correctly. mb staris also a good detection method. Therefore, the automobile and engine noise as long as there is running, there should be a good first hearing, in the car at any time during the operation of vehicle and engine departments monitor the sound, with the speed of change in different parts of the noise, to hear what the normal sound, in the normal voice judged abnormal noise, abnormal noise in the judgments in the fault, of course, do have theoretical and empirical guidance.